Journalism Without Walls

Journalism Without Walls is a unique educational experience offered by Stony Brook University School of Journalism. The program gives students the opportunity to report stories from beyond the limitations of the campus community.

The hands-on, practical experience enriches students with a broader, deeper understanding of the world around them. The Marie Colvin Travel Fellowship will help to vastly expand the program, giving more public school students the opportunity to go on these invaluable reporting trips.

Most recently, the program sent a group of students to Korea.

On each trip, the students reported, wrote and produced original multimedia and broadcast pieces, returning home with a renewed sense of mission. “It was a life-changing experience, which confirmed my desire to become a journalist,” said Senior Frank Posillico after reporting from the program’s Cuba trip in 2012. “Having a professor guiding you on your first trip to the field is priceless.”

Chris Cloonan went to Cuba on a Journalism Without Walls trip in 2012. He is now a tour guide there. We visited him on our recent trip to Cuba and made this video about him.

You can read more about Chris here.

Here are some photos from past trips.